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 by Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines
©2021 by M. E. Raines

Whether we are attempting to heal, to invite something new into our lives, or trying to make other significant changes, one aspect of manifestation that often evades us is timing. The confusion that is generated because of timing can cause some to give up in despair, or to question their spirituality.

What many do not realize is that there is a time lag–sometimes a significantly long one–between the first attempt to manifest thoughts and/or prayers and their actualization.

If every single thought we had immediately manifested around us and within our bodies, we would be continuously changing; our physical bodies would be like mutable lumps of jelly surrounded by a swirling madhouse of events and circumstances. Thank goodness that it takes time! Rather than happening immediately, the body and the soul need to know that you really, really mean it before change can occur.

I used to teach aerobic exercise classes. Here is an interesting phenomenon: a person can attempt to lift their leg high in the air even though they do not have the natural ability to do so. Day after day, week after week, nothing changes. Many individuals would give up. If that person persists in trying, however, continuously pushing on those muscles, what happens is that one day, almost miraculously, their leg will indeed be able to rise high in the air! There is science behind this. What happens physiologically is that once the body is completely convinced, over a period of time, that the individual truly desires this to happen, and that it isn’t just a random thought, overnight there will be a miniature explosion of blood vessels feeding the necessary muscles that allow them to do something that had previously been impossible. The key factor is this: once the body is completely convinced over a period of time.

This time lag is a factor in the manifestation of anything we want to change in our lives, whether it is material (“I need to discover new ways to bring in income”), emotional (“I want to stop yearning for the girlfriend who dumped me”), physical (“I want to heal”), or spiritual (“I want to connect to my spirit guide.”)

Rarely is a desire or prayer answered immediately, no matter how well one follows the “rules” of manifestation.

People often become frustrated and give up too soon when they are attempting to make a change or to manifest something, not recognizing and allowing for the fact that these things almost always take time. When one sells one’s home, for instance, it doesn't occur immediately. First there is the decision to sell. That is followed by listing the home, advertising its sale, and then waiting for the perfect buyer.

As pointed out by someone else, one does not begin a road trip from Massachusetts to California, and then stop in Kansas in despair and turn back, whining that the trip did not work because the Kansas landscape didn’t look like California. That, however, is what happens to many people. They become discouraged and enter into such negativity that they block what they desire from coming to them.

Even miraculous healings, such as those evidenced by people who have near-death experiences, while occurring much faster than they normally would, often take time for the body to manifest. Anita Moorjani (check name & data) had a near-death experience where she knew that her cancer-riddled body was healed; even in the case of a miraculous healing, it still took a few weeks for the tumors to disappear.

Impatience and doubt create roadblocks and prevent our good from coming to us. When praying for or trying to manifest something new, have faith that this request is in process, and be patient.

by Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines
(c) 2021
All rights reserved

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