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by Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines
A powerful eyes-open meditation for broadcasting Light is included at the end of this post.

As this particular chapter is being written—shortly after the USA's 2016 presidential election—the air is thick and almost palpable with darkness, hopelessness, hatred, fear, helplessness, viciousness, and other not-so-nice energies. It is imperative that all of us walk through this life with our eyes wide open, that we perceive the truth of what is happening, and that we fully feel what we feel. Burying our heads in the sand, creating diversions, rationalizing, or masking these feelings with a Pollyanna smile is neither healthy nor helpful.

Does this mean we are to endure the stress? What, on a spiritual level, can we do about today’s turmoil?

First, whether the emotions that well up are grief, anger, self-righteousness, or fear, they must be clearly acknowledged and expressed, and then allowed to pass through us. The analogy? Eating. All of us in human form take in food. All of us, to survive, must chew our food and then allow it to pass through our systems and be released out the other end. Note that it is not released in a beautiful form! It is what it is. Similarly, we must acknowledge our negative feelings, chew on them a bit (express them), and then allow them passageway through us, even though aspects of this passage may be unpleasant.

There’s a catch to that. It is very easy and tempting for emotions, particularly those that are negative and nasty, to become lodged inside us. They get gummed up when our thoughts go round and round in circles. (Few people have tape loops running through their heads of positive, loving events!) Take heart. This happens to all of us, and, like it or not, it is human nature to fixate on the negative. But when our emotions get stuck instead of moving through us, they lower our vibrations and can even cause physical, emotional, or mental disease. Our feelings must be acknowledged and allowed passage.

Next, recognize that the emotions running through us are primarily reactions to negative broadcasts. We are currently being bombarded with such broadcasts. Some of these are direct communications of which we are aware, such as news articles, TV shows, blogs, and Facebook posts. Other broadcasts are more subtle, but just as, if not more, powerful. The combined emotions and thoughts of many people are churning around and through us, much like Wifi, cell-phone, or other satellite transmissions. The more negative the broadcast, the lower the frequency. Lower frequencies are easier for us to pick up and absorb, like the way, at a distance, the thudding bass of loud music overpowers the melody.

Most of these broadcasts send our physical and emotional beings into turmoil. The more sensitive we are, the more we unconsciously pick up such negative transmissions, but it isn't necessary to possess great sensitivity to feel their effects; nearly everyone is absorbing and reacting to these broadcasts. The result of such massive amounts of negativity is stress. Many people these days are finding themselves irritable, anxious, sad, defensive, or angry for no discernible reason.

On a spiritual plane, the most vital task before us today is to switch roles. Instead of being the receivers of what others are broadcasting, our highest calling is to become broadcasters ourselves. This is not with the intent of arguing, defeating, fighting, “praying for,” or overpowering any other ideology or energy. It is simply our job to broadcast Light...and it can be done by any of us, regardless of our beliefs. We do not have to fit someone's definition of a Lightworker to do this sacred work!

The Light that you choose to broadcast can be any positive, uplifting energy, from profound love to gentle laughter, that is easy for you to express. Are you good at getting people to smile by telling a joke? Are you a person who radiates peace? Do you do well at problem-solving, or sharing inspirational stories? Or do you shine best when you are loving and respecting nature? All of us have something positive at our core that we can choose to expand and radiate outward.

It is probable that in the beginning, our individual broadcasts will be like teensy little radio stations that get overpowered with static from the big, noisier, more negative broadcast stations. That doesn’t matter. Just as the broadcast frequencies of every TV show that has ever been aired are still somewhere in space, once our energy has been transmitted, it remains in the ethers. We have no knowledge of where or when our broadcasts may be received by someone in need.

How do we broadcast? It’s easy. We still our hearts (after having cleared them!), center ourselves, and go into meditation or prayer. We then focus on sending out whatever energies we prefer. A brief meditation will follow for doing this.

Here are the simple steps:
1. Truthfully acknowledge and accept any emotions that well up within you, whatever they may be.
2. Allow those feelings to have brief expression, and then to pass through, rather than finding a home within your being.

3. Recognize that the feelings you are having are reactions to someone else’s broadcast.
4. When you feel clear, begin to broadcast whatever positive energies feel right and comfortable for you.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, and take several deep, cleansing breaths. Breathe into the bottom of your rib cage, and exhale with the intent of releasing anything that is negative or limiting.

With your eyes focused gently on these written words, let your shoulders drop. Your arms can feel pleasantly, comfortably warmer and pleasantly, comfortably heavier. Let your chewing muscles go, and loosen all the muscles under the skin of your face and around your eyes.

magine a beam of light entering through the top of your head, spilling through your body, and filling you. You might visualize it happening, feel it like a glow, hear it like a note of music, or simply go along without seeing, feeling, or hearing anything. However you perceive it is fine.

Focus your intent now on the energy you choose to broadcast. It could be peace, respect for the earth and her creatures, love, or a feeling of honor. It could be joy, truth, or laughter. It could be strength, healing, serenity, or anything you wish. Whatever positive energy you choose, allow it to rise through your body, blending with your heart and your mind.

If you have a belief in or sense of the energy centers that some call chakras, (places near important glands or organs where we tend to store emotion, such as in our solar plexus), you might take a moment now and breathe the positive energy you desire to broadcast into each of your chakras, one at a time, starting at the base and moving upward.

Otherwise, you might see or sense this energy, like a light or the glow of a candle flame or a note of music, filling your feet and toes, and beginning to swell upward through your body until it reaches the top of your head.

When you are filled with this positive energy, imagine that with each inhalation, it grows stronger and brighter, and with each exhalation that it is expanding further outward. Perceive it now beginning to radiate out through your skin. Take all the time you want. Let it fill your aura—the inches surrounding your body—and then visualize, sense, hear, or simply know that you are extending and stretching this glorious energy even further, broadcasting it like starlight or sunlight. The further out your energy reaches, the more powerful and light-filled it becomes.

ther beings may be broadcasting an energy similar to the one you have chosen. As you continue to shine your light, you may discover that you find and connect to other similar lights, combining your broadcast with theirs.

Whether you have an actual, palpable sense of this occurring or whether you are simply following along makes no difference. Do your best to keep your focus, continue to radiate the energy you choose to broadcast, and do so for as short or as long of a time as you want.

Realize that you may return to the state of broadcasting whatever positive energy you choose at any time, in any situation…while you are driving, standing in a line somewhere, working, moving, or being still. You may broadcast almost continuously throughout the day, or in little droplets. Whatever you offer, big or small, is much greater than you could possibly realize.

Thank you.

© 2016, M. E. Raines

Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines has books and articles available on Amazon, including The Laughing Cherub Guide to Past-Life Regression and her newest collection of short stories, The Man in the GPS and other Stories.
She lives in Sedona, Arizona, where she trains people to become past-life regression counselors and is founder of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training.

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